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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cochin Metro Railway: At a Prolife Angle

The long cherished dream for a better traffic in Cochin is budding and will be flowered by 2016.  Cochin metro railway will soon be an alternate traffic to get rid of the congested road travels. Along other citizens of kerala, I heartily welcome this newer step of development.

We all like development, both in infrastructure and ultra structure. Most of you have dreamt, at least once, to travel all around the developed countries simply because you are attracted to their better infrastructural development as compared to ours. Here I wish to point out some fundamentals that call for a better development.

Most of the times, for a ‘basic’ human, happiness is a direct outcome of development. Development is always coupled with economy of the nation. The more economic is a nation the more developed it would be. And you will see more metro railways there..

What is the factor that governs economy? I say ‘human resource’.  Of course, many will contradict saying that the population hinders economic growth and puts the country underdeveloped. In a large population, resources of a nation will be shared by more number of people resulting in getting less for each one. But this view assumes that the resources are finite. However the resources of a nation are not finite since its value can be only measured by the productive technologies available to that time. I.e. resources are not valuable to us in themselves, but only for what they can do. See for example, when a new technology comes we need to depend less on resources.  Silica is seen abundantly on the earth crust but it was of no use until years back. When the science developed, we learned to use Silicon in fiber optics which then lessened the demand of copper. It’s merely the interaction of human and science creates resources. 

So, how can we get better resources? We need better technologies for better resources.  The technologies won’t come by it; there should be someone to find out the laws of nature. All these laws including the recently explored Higgs mechanism are created by the God. However God want us to go in search of these laws to know Him more and more. That is why education is devoted to God. Basically, I was trying to say that we need humans to explore science.

Does all human need to explore science? I will say not since technologies once explored can be shared. So, why we need more humans for economic growth and development? This can be answered by answering another question that why metro railway did not come in Cochin before Delhi and Mumbai. Answer obvious na? It was more in need for Delhi and Mumbai. What does govern this need? Here comes the importance of population. Studies show a direct proportion between the population density and economic growth. What is the need of a metro railway without much population density? According to a Danish economist Ester Boserup populations must grow beyond a certain minimum level before they can get into the process of economic development. Population growth makes possible the development of towns, and the concomitant implication of specialized technologies and skills like use of advanced techniques to produce food owing to the growing demand and making alternate traffics like metro railways will keep the town developed and bring more economy. 

Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong etc all has experienced a rapid population growth. See how developed they are. Take an example of Singapore which has a population density of more than 3500. People there don’t suffocate or experience collision on roads while walking owing to high population density. Still more and more people are migrating there. That country has grown in terms of development owing to a rapid population growth.

To develop more, for metro rails into malls and to live in a country with all its richness, let us pray for the abundance of life.

Higgs Boson and Catholic faith explained: Catholicism, God particle, Higgs mechanism, Higgs field, Standard Model

The hypothesized existence of the missing particle called “Higgs Boson”, proposed by Peter Higgs, in the Standard Model is nearly proved to exist as per the experiments conducted in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. By colliding subatomic particles at very high velocity, they could generate “Higgs Boson” out of Higgs field which is then assumed to exist by the detection of the same Higgs particle. The complex interaction of Higgs particle and Higgs field with other subatomic particle imparts mass to the latter as explained by the Higgs mechanism.

See this graphical explanation.

Find out about the new subatomic particle that scientists believe could be the elusive Higgs boson, in today's LiveScience GoFigure infographic.

If we further think, we may exclaim at what would happen to the gained mass when the Higgs particle disappear or where from the ordinary particles arise first to interact with Bosons in the Higgs field. Wait, if the Bosons were present at the Big Bang with its all adequacy to produce entire mass of the universe, does this mean that no further mass can be created or another Big Bang is needed to generate mass further? You may fell that I am getting into the barrel since Higgs mechanism is not yet proved. Let it be left to the scientists and let us wait for final comments on the standard model of particle physics.

I would also like to point out Einstein’s mass energy equivalence. Where, the gained mass is found to be in direct relation with energy

E = MC2
M =E/C2

It means, when energy is removed from a system, mass is always removed along with the energy. This energy retains the missing mass, which will in turn be added to any other system which absorbs it. It also tells how much mass will be added to any system which later absorbs this energy.

In either case, it is found that mass is related to energy (‘field’ in Higgs mechanism) and both are convertible to each other. This shows as science always said nothing can be created out of nothing. Then which was the first thing and where did it come from? Most probably the first thing should be energy (I think) since the Higgs field is continuous and infinite (as it is said, don’t know whether proved). So we have to assume that all mass is produced from energy. That is all the living and nonliving things of the earth and the entire universe, is a direct outcome of an energy.

So what? Absolutely nothing as far as my faith is concerned. I wish to see this mass energy relation and the Bang, as so many like to call it, as a human term for a human definition of the creation of the world. So what is this energy? Is this ‘energy’ known as God? Definitely not. In fact, God is the reason or creator of this energy. But unfortunately, let me say some atheists and groups of ascending religions believe that this energy or the supreme end of the science or even the mere laws of the nature as God. It makes no difference even in the ancient Africans since they worshiped waterfall assuming it God. For them the most scientific or natural phenomenon was a waterfall.  Sad to see, that they have not yet experienced God. There comes our mission – Catholic Mission.

Does this discovery bring any contradiction to Church? No. St. Augustine said "The Bible was to teach us how to go to Heaven, not how the heavens go." World was here before man and was part of God's Creation. Everything we know and have is created by God long before He created man. Nothing exists outside of God; He is the creator of all things seen and unseen by human beings. Everything that exists in this universe and any other universe is a direct creation of God. Life does not exist outside of itself; it is a direct creation of God. God gives life and existence to all his creation and when I say all, I mean everything that has, is or will ever exist, including all science. Nothing exists without God's permission. How did God create them all? It is left to science. Let it find it by the grace of God, may be God will be allowing us this time to know the way He created the world…

Prayer: Ohh! my Jesus, grant us your knowledge to understand You and to understand Your designs. Grant us the wisdom to see You, the creator behind every creation. Lord, help us not be tempted to be proud and arrogant by gaining more knowledge. Forgive our sins and consider us in your kingdom. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.